Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-12-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 9/12/16


Jessie Graff – American Ninja Warrior

Show Topics

  • Morning routines – C&R can’t get used to waking up so early. Covino’s alarm is a spooky tune, Rich didn’t shower, Spot can’t not wake up when his alarm goes off
  • Rich was in Covino’s dream – It was Rich’s wedding day and Covino was trying to talk Rich out of a bad decision.
  • Covino’s car is disgusting – he didn’t get it washed or detailed this weekend because he had a family audition this weekend, The audition was really awkward for him. His wife and daughter did great, he was uncomfortable, had to dress in “casual clothing,” after the ice was broken he did great, this is the LA audition scene
  • It was fight night at Spot’s this weekend – Covino brought his own microwave dinner to Spot’s house. C&R recap UFC 203, CM Punk’s first fight, give him a lot of credit for getting in the ring, CM Punk & Gall audio, Triple G fight, he’s such a goober but knocks everyone out, UFC fighters who looked like beasts and you expected to win all ended up losing,
  • The guys watch Naked Attraction together – a dating show where a someone chooses a contestant based off of how they look naked. Rich said the guys were better looking than the women – Covino agreed. They discuss the flaws of the show and how you can’t pick someone based off of their bodies, only a matter of time before this comes to the state
  • Football recap – East Coast people appreciate football way more and much differently than the West Coast. Covino says he doesn’t like how on the east coast the whole day revolves around football, he likes that he can watch football on the west coast and still have the rest of the day to so things
  • C&R go over viral videos from the weekend – the Carnival Cruise that got to close to the port causing a lot of damage to people’s boats, midgets jumping into lakes, the cholo whisperers, 9/11 Mattress store ad
  • C&R touch on 9/11 – Music, television shows, movies that had to be postponed or re-shot and changed because of the 9/11 attack to respect the sensitivity around the attacks. There was a lot adjusted in the entertainment world
  • “When You Change The World When Notices” – an article that Rich read over the weekend.  The article goes through technology and advancements that were not considered until much later than when they were invented. Any major advancement goes through seven steps before being recognized
  • Jessie Graff in studio – American Ninja Warrior contestant. They discuss the difficulties of the American Ninja Warrior course, her career as a stunt woman, future of the brand, new gyms popping up all over the place, her building her profile based on her recent popularity