Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-9-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 9/9/16


Edi Gathegi – The Blacklist, new Crackle series “StartUp”

Show Topics

·Covino is a little under the weather today. Rich calls him cheap because he used the cough drops in the first aid kit, Covino’s tip to take advantage of what the company offers

·Football is back – The Broncos won last night. Covino thinks that Monday night football is still the biggest thing to do on Monday nights. Rich disagree. Rich paints with broad strokes saying that everyone has ESPN. Covino mentions that not everyone has cable so not everyone has ESPN.

·New road trip video – The first video from the road trip is up on YouTube and social media.

·C&R discuss their interview with Martin Lawrence – They were a little surprised at how subdued he was. They get in to how actors can turn on the charm and excitement for their characters but in real life they can be quiet people. Covino feels like he relates to Martin Lawrence – he turns the personality on for the show but feels like he’s more quiet in general. Rich doesn’t have an on and off switch. He’s on all the time.

·Rich wants to know how long you wait on the phone when you’re speaking to someone and they take a call on the other line. Spot gets frustrated with both Covino and Rich when it comes to talking on the phone – Covino doesn’t say bye and Rich calls and is only worried about his own agenda.

·Sexy poses – Rich had to do a photo shoot yesterday, not sure how to pose or look “sexy” when he’s taking photos, seems like women have this down, spot’s sexy phase when he was younger, what goes through your mind when taking a photo

·Creepy lyrics in songs – song “Girl Watcher” from the 60s has a creepy premise, equivalent of songs today talking about butts all the time

·Edi Gathegi in studio promoting his new show on Sony’s streaming network, Crackle. The show, “StartUp” is on the streaming app now, his dad supporting him in acting, multiple streams of income, acting is somewhat about the fame