Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-8-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 9/8/16


Martin Lawrence – new Showtime Comedy special “Doin’ Time: Uncut”

Show Topics

  • C&R are really excited to have Martin Lawrence in the studio with them. They talk about their favorite Martin Lawrence movies throughout the years, Throwback Thursday
  • Covino talks about the pressure to stay fit more than ever especially with social media.
  • New iPhone details – C&R discuss what features they like, and how they don’t know how to really feel about no longer having a headphone jack, Apples way of making people spend more money
  • If Covino was a pop star he would be embarrassed to sing some of the lines they sing – referencing Nick Jonas’ song “Bacon.” Covino would never sing some of that stuff to maintain some sort of artistic integrity, songs about food or with food references are always lame – at least 99% of them
  • Covino thinks that Spot or people like spot are condescending – C&R both agree that Spot thinks he’s better than them. Covino thinks people with smart humor are boring. He would much rather be seen as the dumb one if it meant bringing a laugh to people.
  • Rich brings up  how after going shopping – he can’t imagine how difficult it is for millennials to be able to afford basic living expenses. He feels for people who don’t make great salaries and he baffled at how people can afford expensive phones on top of everything else, bought a couple of nice shirts for over $500, new iPhone is over $800
  • Martin Lawrence in studio talking about his career and his new Showtime comedy special – his first stand up special in 14 years, go through his career and defining moments