Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 9/7/16


Billy Dee Williams – @RealBDW

Show Topics

·C&R discuss handshakes – Covino received a little man handshake for Alonzo Bodden. The guys talk about appropriate handshakes for certain situations, what makes them uncomfortable, power moves with handshakes and how to assert your dominance. They take feedback from callers about bad handshakes

·Hillary Clinton has a cough attack in the middle of a speech – C&R and Spot listen to remixes of her cough speech. Covino talks about how embarrassing cough attacks can be, and Rich tells a story about his most recent coughing fit on a plane

·Covino wants to know when kids holding up signs for photos became a trend online especially when school starts – Rich asks how Covino’s daughter adjusted to going to school. Covino talks a little bit about taking his kid to school

· A caller comments on Rich’s comments on politics yesterday – the guys discuss who they think will win and how the electoral map is set up to favor the democratic party.

· The millennial whoop – a music trend that’s become more apparent in current pop music. The guys discuss whether this is really a thing that is done consciously or if it’s just something that happens naturally in music.

· Billy Dee Williams in studio promoting Colt 45 – The guys talk about how long he has been the face for the malt liquor and his large acting career, being associated to Star Wars