Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 9/6/16


Alonzo Bodden – Comedian

Show Topics

  • C&R debut their new Harambe/La Bamba parody video

  • C&R talk about how their appearance on the Tracks game show – Rich was wearing an awful shirt. that was too big. Lots of feedback from listeners as to how bad his shirt was on the show. Rich blames the stylists on the show because they picked that shirt out for him. Covino and Spot can’t figure out why Rich even owns a shirt that big

  • C&R recap the road trip a little bit – they mention how much fun they had out on the road and meeting the listeners
  • NFL update – they talk football headlines and take feedback from callers about the NFL starting up again
  • Covino took his daughter to Glow Zone – he let her win at mini golf by one stroke. C&R talk about having kids and how much you should space out the pregnancies
  • Covino talks about his labor day weekend – Covino went to gym then in to the steam room to detox from the road trip. He loved it. He barbecued for his family
  • Rob Lowe Roast – most handsome older man that has ever existed. It was a great roast. Covino doesn’t think he is capable on being on a roast
  • Rich does a presidential election update – he wants to know if it bothers anyone if the news networks lie about how close the race is to get ratings. Rich thinks the electoral vote vs the popular vote will be very different.
  • Alonzo Bodden in studio – he’s doing a bunch of shows in L.A. this week, he comments on the presidential candidates, and on Rich’s terrible shirt

  • News with Spot – Beyonce celebrated her 35th birthday party over the weekend, Box Office numbers – Don’t Breathe came in at number one, Sylvester Stallone falls into a death hoax over the weekend, Mets player Wilmer Flores is a big Friends fan.