Covino & Rich Road Trip Recap: 9-2-16 | San Diego

Covino and Rich Road Trip, Live from Crazy Goose in San Diego – 9/2/16

Hr 1 Seg 1

-Guys are live from in the car to San Diego

-Talking about being on a game show on Spike last night

-Just pulled into the parking lot of bar for show

-Continue story about game show

Hr 1 Seg 2

– Continuing story about being on Christina Aguilera’s game show

– Reading Tweets/Facebook from Fans

– Saying they got to be Steve and Rich for a day instead of Covino and Rich

– Talking about going to Denny’s for breakfast

Hr 2 Seg 1

– Talking about how they hate Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars because it lost them money on the Tracks Game Show

– Talking about the menu at the bar

– Talking about the horrible shirt Rich wore last night

– Talking about Kaepernick Story

– Talking about how celebrity death’s that happen years ago popping up in social media again like it happened currently

– Talking about not being “that guy”

Hr 2 Seg 2

– Talking about fans traveling all the way to see them on this roadtrip

– Talking about how California is the best

– Talking about the stupid fights Covino & Rich get in

– Mexican word of the day

– Talking about what your chicks get you into

Hr 3 Seg 1

– Continuing talking about things your significant other got you into that you thought were lame at first

– Circling back to “Don’t be that guy”

– Says that the best part of a road trip is seeing places you never see

– Rich says he is guilty of being on his phone too much

– Spot’s news

Hr 3 Seg 2

– Continuing Spot’s news

– Can Spot’s news after concluding it was causing the jinx on tech issues

– Second Mexican word of the day

– Wrapping up show and road trip