Covino & Rich Road Trip Recap: 9-1-16 | San Francisco

Covino and Rich Road Trip, Live from The Brick Yard in San Francisco – 9/1/16

Hr 1 Seg 1

– Recapping the trip and fun time in Portland yesterday.  Some experiences will stay off-air.

– Colin Kaepernick controversy continues and the guys are in the heart of it, being in San Francisco tonight.

– Kaepernick stokes the flames by wearing socks with police dressed as pigs.

– Seeing a volcano in-person was amazing.

– San Francisco stereotypes and happenings.

– Pop culture news.

Hr 1 Seg 2

– Pumped for San Diego tomorrow.

– The guys will be on Spike TV tonight competing on a game show!

– Friends of the show who are on-site.

– More on Colin Kaepernick and other sports news.

Hr 2 Seg 1

– Spot cracking the whip on the road and trying to keep order.

– Reflecting about life on the road.

– Road trip/more pop culture happenings.

– Drake gets denied by Rihanna.

– Guys with terrible “game.”

Hr 2 Seg 2

– People who live like senior citizens when they’re young.

– Story of a man trying to inject teenage blood into older people to help them age slower.

– Would you do this to prevent aging?

– Other interesting medical happenings.

– Covino’s impressions.

Hr 3 Seg 1

– Sights and sounds of San Francisco.  Always a good time when visiting.

– The difference in listening to the show on radio vs. experiencing it live on-site.

– How the show has helped some people through some difficult times.

– The pressure Colin Kaepernick is under tonight.

– What’s the most you ever weighed?

– Spot’s News and Covino’s Mexican word of the day.

Hr 3 Seg 2

– Couples who start to look alike after being together for a long time.

– People who start to look like their pets – does that exist?

– Good thing or bad thing?

– Thanking the fans who showed up on-site.