Covino & Rich Road Trip Recap: 8-31-16 | Portland

Covino and Rich Road Trip, Live from River Pig Saloon in Portland 8-31-16

 Hr 1 Seg 1

– The boys are live in Portland!

– The road trip has surpassed expectations so far.

– Stories of the guys rooming with each other.

– Bathroom etiquette.

– Handling life on the road.

Hr 1 Seg 2

– Portland has treated the boys well so far.

– Continuing the discussion of life on the road.

– Dating advice for someone just out of a relationship.

– Would you date someone who’s still technically married but estranged from their spouse?

Hr 2 Seg 1

– Wrapping up the debate – would you date someone who’s still technically married but estranged?

– What would be OK with your spouse doing in a relationship?

– Kim Kardashian wore a see-through top in New York – would you be OK with your wife/girlfriend wearing this?

– The latest in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign revolving around his time in Mexico.

– Veterans who are supporting Colin Kaepernick.

Hr 2 Seg 2

– Recapping what’s been talked about so far.

– Fine line of being possessive versus caring in a relationship.

– Things Portland is known for.

– Pop culture news.

– Mike Tyson steals ice cream?  Turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Hr 3 Seg 1

– Are aliens trying to communicate with us?

– Will we make contact with a different life form during our lifetime?

– Have you ever seen a UFO?

Hr 3 Seg 2

– What to do in Portland after the show.

– Listener texts.

– Expensive clothing lines – worth the cost?

– Spot’s News.

Hr 3 Seg 3

– Thanking fans for coming out and supporting the crew on-site.

– Some listeners interact with the guys more than their significant others.

– Different stories of how fans got into the show.