Covino & Rich Road Trip Recap: 8-30-16 | Seattle

Covino & Rich Road Trip – Live from Pyramid Ale House in Seattle, WA – 8/30/16


Segment 1
– They are happy with the road trip so far
– What is Seattle all about? Asked patrons in the bar
– The NFL won’t show the national anthem on TV for the 49ers/Rams game opening day because of the controversy surrounding Kaepernick

Segment 2
– Years down the road, will we think Kaepernick was progressive and was a positive role model
– Tony Romo out at least half of the season
– NFL has rookies start immediately when people get hurt, yet minor league baseball players play their whole lives and never get called up to the majors


Segment 1
– Anthony Weiner ruins his marriage because he can’t stop sexting
– He sent a dick pic in bed with his sleeping kid. This is an all time low
– All Weiner did was set his kid up to be made fun of forever as the kid who’s dad took a dick pic next to him
– Chris Brown is in the news again from threatening a woman with a gun and having a standoff with the LAPD.
– Is it hard to forgive people in modern times because of social media?
– How long should it take for us to forgive people?

Segment 2
– Will there be another burst of great grunge music from Seattle?
– Their experience in a local guitar store buying gear for the broadcast, and how they can easily spend a lot of money in Guitar Center
– They had no idea there is a Canadian ESPN
– Can you separate personality from talent with celebrities that do horrible things?


Segment 1
– What Covino do now that everyone says is right, but used to say was rude. “The Irish exit”, where you just dip out of a party and not say goodbye to everyone. Covino does “The G-chord dip-away”, where you pretend to be interested in music and dance away from the conversation.
– What things do you do that were once considered rude? What are previously rude, now socially acceptable ethics in social gatherings

Segment 2
– Mexican Word Of The Day: Raccoon Eyes
– Spots News
– C&R will be on a game show on Spike TV
– Reading listener feedback