Covino & Rich Road Trip Recap: 8-29-16 | Vancouver

Covino and Rich Road Trip, Live from Tap & Barrel – Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC Canada – 8/29/16

Hr 1 Seg 1

– The boys are live in Vancouver!

– A fan welcomed C&R to Canada with booze as soon as they got over the border.

– Executive Producer Spot is great at finding deals on the road but got busted trying to book a car with the AARP rate despite not being a member of AARP.

– Spot was able to get the rate of the rental car down to the AARP rate despite the car company wanting to charge him the regular rate.

– The guys made sure their stories were straight in case Border Patrol pressed them.

– Border Patrol makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong or about to even if you haven’t or have no intention of doing anything wrong!

– What’s the bigger headline – Harambe or Colin Kaepernick?

– Ryan Lochte must be thrilled at the Kaepernick controversy – he’s out of the media firestorm now.

– Colin Kaepernick might not even make the team – who would want to deal with this kind of controversy from a non-star?

– You really should be a star player if you take a stand like this.

– Asking the Canadian fans how they’d feel if a player didn’t stand for the Canadian anthem.

Hr 1 Seg 2

– 49ers are standing by Kaepernick.

– This is a terrible look for the team and player.

– VMAs went down last night.

– The show was epic but the ending was a bit disappointing.

– Show is dedicated to Mr. Fuji (ex-WWE manager who just passed away) and Harambe.

– Kaepernick is repping a good cause but is doing it all wrong.

– Are Harambe jokes getting old already?

Hr 2 Seg 1

– Nicki Minaj simulates oral sex during her VMA routine!

– Key and Peale were just OK at the VMAs.

– Relationship advice for a C&R listener.

– Is porn ruining relationships or the desire of guys/girls to get into relationships?

– Some people “tap out” of looking for a relationship because they’re not at the point in life where they want to be.  Is that just an excuse?

– Getting back to the discussion of pornography lowering guys’ desire to pursue girls.

– Social media has made us less social ironically.

– Do guys hold out for the Instagram model rather than pursuing the “normal” girl?

– It’s virtually certain that we all know someone whose relationship or marriage was ended because of Facebook or other social media.

– Dating apps lead people to think they have no shortage of options but also prevents serious relationships.

– When texting or talking online you have unlimited time to respond.  You don’t have that when talking in-person.

– Guys and girls can be vicious in the dating game.  Listener Matt tells a story of a girl using him for connections then moving onto another guy.

Hr 3 Seg 1

– Interacting with the fans and showing appreciation.

– C&R love that the fans that show up to their events are normal and fun to hang out with.

– Answering fans’ questions and talking about the development of the show.

– Mexican word of the day.

– Remembering the late Mr. Fuji and Gene Wilder.

– Revisiting the Colin Kaepernick drama and other viral news.

Hr 3 Seg 2

– Making fun of Canada’s version of SportsCenter.

– Carlos Beltran paints his head!  Was this a serious hairstyle attempt or a joke?

– The latest Kardashian rumors and happenings.

– Viral videos floating around the Internet.

– Funny moments from the road trip so far.