Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-25-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/25/16


98 Degrees – promoting their My2K tour

Show Topics

· The guys talk about their West Coast Road Trip Part Deux! They’re asking listeners to chime in on where to go and what to see while they are in San Francisco.

· C&R discuss what it’s like to move from your hometown to a different city or state, living abroad, and states and cities that think they are the best cities in the world, thinking where you live is the best, people who declare the USA is the greatest country and land of opportunity – it really is

· Recap of our American Ninja Warrior experience last night at Universal Studios. C&R discuss the course itself. They were prepared to do the course and it was almost their turn to try to course and the course got shut down. They were so disappointed that listeners didn’t get to see them fail miserably. C&R debate on whether how much the course they would be able to complete and the athletes that do complete the course, different between agility and athleticism

· C&R talk about the rise in independent coffee shops and the coffee shops with hipster names back where they used to live. Rich wants to go to a specific coffee shop in Geneva, Switzerland that he saw online – Fellatio Café with legal prostitution, another story that says Coffee habits might be in your genetic makeup.

· 98 degrees in studio – They are here promoting their tour My2k. They talk about how different performing is now for them, they’ll be at the Microsoft Theater tonight, and ending their tour in San Francisco. Their take on Harambe and the Cincinnati Zoo