Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-24-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/24/16


Moran Atias – FX’s Tyrant

Show Topics

  • C&R will be attempting the American Ninja Warrior course later today. Rich thinks he can complete some of the course. Covino doesn’t want to try to course

  • Covino is upset with the lack of cross promotion regarding the Road Trip. He doesn’t hear anyone else talking about it and wishes that they could get a little more support from other shows/hosts. C&R ask listeners for suggestions for where to go when they are in Portland
  • Rich is all caught up on Orange is the New Black – C&R discuss character development in television shows and how they start off with a main character or story but it changes or evolves
  • Rich talks stereotypes – he mentions stereotypes or sexist comments to see if they still stand by them. They think that if the woman cheats on a man, it’s worse than a man cheating on a woman. C&R understand that they are both equally terrible but they can’t get passed it in their head. Covino notices women broadcasters – he finds it not wrong, but odd because broadcasting can be a boys club especially in sports broadcasting
  • C&R discuss hip hop – Rich comments on how Drake is on the top of all the hip hop charts. Covino brings up mumble rap and how it is becoming a big thing. It is complete garbage, these artists are not even using real word
  • C&R talk about their photo shoot from yesterday. Rich and Spot make observations about it. Rich nitpicks Covino through the entire show. Covino thinks Rich is embarrassed by him but he doesn’t care, Covino’s desire to have his own props, his attention to detail that Rich and Spot don’t get
  • Moran Atias in studio – talked about her role on FX’s Tyrant, traveling the world, getting on the show