Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-23-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 8/23/16


Chris D’Elia – Promoting new Netflix film XOXO.

Show Topics

· Covino gets a haircut – he talks about how he would never let a woman touch his hair because they aren’t as good with clippers. He also talks about how a good hair cut gives you false confidence. Power of the Pomp. It helped give him confidence in his basketball game – he won!

· C&R Debut their new parody song – (My Penis is so) Glorious

· Twenty One Pilots – C&R discuss their new song “Heathens,” and the other hits that put them on the map as a band

·  NFL Update: Mike Tirico gets signed to NBC. They essentially blocked Tirico from calling any games. Covino doesn’t think anyone but Rich cares

· C&R ask listeners for suggestions of things to do in Seattle on the Road Trip

· Covino’s father was always the standard for height. As long as he was the same height or taller, he was fine. C&R discuss height differences and heights in different parts of the country

· Darryl Strawberry says that he believes Doc Gooden is an addict. He is concerned for his health. Rich hates that people think Strawberry is doing it for attentions. Doc responds by saying he’s clean, cover of the NY post today has a thin Gooden

· News with Spot – Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea Jams with Koko the gorilla, Cincinnati Zoo deactivates social media accounts after getting bombarded with Harambe memes, Penn State professor was pushed 80 feet off of a cliff by two friends would mistakenly thought they were named in his will, Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel talk health and how she is preparing to debate Donald Trump, Jennifer Lawrence tops Forbes list as highest paid actress, McDonald recalls 29 million fitness bands that were in Happy Meals, Bad Boys 3 has been confirmed, Guns n Roses tour wraps in the U.S

·  Chris D’Elia in studio to promote his new Netflix film, XOXO.