Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-17-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/17/16

Show Topics

  • Road trip details
  • Covino had to take the day off to take his daughter to her first day of school. C&R talk about how the seasons used to be the indicator of Summer ending and school starting but now that they’re in California it doesn’t exist.
  • Neil Walker taking paternity leave before huge games. C&R discuss how much time athletes should take for paternity as well as everyday people. Covino thinks that one day is enough. Rich thinks people should take as long as they need.
  • Autistic man gets a phone call from Michael Jordan. Covino discusses how much of a legend is and a good man he is. It upsets him when he sees the crying Michael Jordan meme.

  • C&R got a complaint on MadDog radio for their Rams broadcast. A caller thought that their content was inappropriate and Mad Dog discussed it. Covino is upset because he didn’t want to do any damage to someone’s brand. He thinks they should apologize as a professional courtesy. Rich and Spot don’t understand why he is so riled up about it. Rich thought they did a great show.
  • C&R talk about The Night Of on HBO. They go on to talk about whether or not they would make it if they were ever put in prison. Shows like The Night Of make you think about how you would make it in jail/what your strategy would be.
  • News with Spot – Ellen DeGeneres gets backlash for Usain Bolt post, Florida college student killed a couple and ate one of the victim’s faces, Hundreds plucked from ferry fire off of Puerto Rico, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to star in a remake of “A Star Is Born,” Unsolved JonBenet murder returns to TV spotlight