Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-12-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 8/12/16

Show Topics

·         C&R promote the Road Trip. They’re excited to get out on the road and meet fans and hang out. They talk about how fans have met each other become friends through the road trip.

·         Rich wants to know which show give people more anxiety: Stranger Things or The Night Of. They really love The Night Of and talk about how great the show is.

·         Covino’s passport is expired. Spot is cranky because he has to expedite the renewal for him, he didn’t realize he needed his passport for the road trip

·         Listeners keep telling C&R that they should see Sausage Party – they play their previous interview with Seth Rogen talking about the movie.

·         C&R talk about who is considered a millennial and the generational titles – technically, C&R are in the millennial generation, older millennials vs younger millennials, Callers chime in on what they think of millennials. They discuss if they are entitled or not, how they were raised, how things are different from generation to generation, millennial has become a derogatory term but all generations think their titles are derogatory.

·         Joe Girardi won’t let A-Rod play third base on his last game. C&R discuss how upsetting that is.

·         Aggressive women – how men feel about sexually aggressive women. Covino is put off by them. Women don’t like men won’t make the move