Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-11-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/11/16


Comedian Rod Man

Show Topics

· C&R talk about old 80s and 90s slang and which phrases and terms they used to say when they were kids, Throwback Thursday topic

· Covino brings up John Saunders and his death. Covino is impressed by how highly people spoke of him and how genuine it was. Covino thinks that people should strive to be that good of a person. His death made Covino think about the kind of person he should be, quick side note on how Rich makes it about him… and Rich gets upset

· Donald Trump news – man climbs Trump tower with suction cups. Trump says Obama created ISIS. C&R can’t believe how ridiculous he is. Callers chime in on their opinions on Donald Trump. Covino says he’s pandering to idiots, Trump later says Obama is the ISIS MVP… the real MVP

· C&R announce the Road Trip and Rams broadcast and encourage listeners to come hang out! They announce where they’re going to be. Covino’s passport might me expired, how will he make it into Canada

· Rich’s wife Sara accidentally sent the racy photos to their building manager. Building manager never responded, which is worse than actually hearing back

· Rod Man in studio – talks about how Last Comic Standing changed his life, where the name Rod Man comes from, promotes shows in the area

· News with Spot – Malia Obama supposedly smoking weed, Marijuana to remain illegal under federal law, Woman killed during demonstration – her son forgives the officer, Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds suspended for kicking one of the writers on the show, Man climbs Trump Tower using suction cups.