Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-10-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/10/16

Show Topics

· Rich wakes up every night and can’t sleep so he goes the other room – C&R talk about cuddling and wonder if anyone can actually spend all night cuddling.

· Rich brings up the Olympians that mess up or get injured at the Olympics – they train their entire lives and then get to the Olympics and mess up, Seinfeld Olympics bit, difference between first and second place

· Rich has problems sleeping – Spot and Covino say it’s because his best friend just turned 40, he was stressing about things, maybe he misses spot living with him

· A caller asks for advice for C&R – callers wife wants him to go to an all-day music festival for a genre of music he hates. C&R try to steer the caller in the right direction.

· On their drive home yesterday, the guys talked about Rich’s unwillingness to get rid of cable – he ends up buying a fire stick. He is still on the fence about it, streamlining his service by eliminating boxes in his bedrooms

· Donald Trump – News headline is that he insinuates killing Hilary Trump. C&R talk about how it’s like a high school election. They debate on whether or not he actually meant what people took his commentary as. Covino says his whole campaign was based on the wall being built. Covino argues that he is not a politician.

· ESPN John Saunders passes away unexpectedly – C&R talk about his work and legacy as one of the most recognizable faces in sports news.

· Price Fielder’s career may be over = C&R compare him to his father who played baseball and talk about their statistics side by side.

· News with Spot – Miss BumBum 2016, Girl Scouts announce a new s’mores cookie, Donald Trump is being investigated for his HIlary comments, Current Olympic medal count, Woman gets shot in demonstration, “Full House” house sold for 4 million dollars, Pregnant Zika woman alerted officials in Florida Zika outbreak, Kids fall off of a ferris wheel, ISIS are linked to 33,000 deaths.