Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-1-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 8/1/16

Show Topics

  • Debut of SpotCenter this morning – Covino loves listening to himself, funny to hear our perspectives from a few years ago, listened on the way into work, good way to showcase older C&R bits and recap newer content
  • TV Car chases – watched a car chase on TV ½ hour before the show, so intriguing as to what they’re going to do, makes us realize why the OJ Simpson car chase was such a big deal
  • MLB Trade Deadline – Andrew Miller traded to Cleveland from the Yanks for a bunch of nobodies, Dylan Betances is sad to see his buddy go, how can you be excited to go to Cleveland
  • Spot’s weekend strife – Rich & Spot & their wives went to the beach on Saturday, rich witnessed something first hand, spot sulking like a girl, he barely said a word the whole day, Spot has a lot on his mind and wanted to finish unpacking and work on things, Rich thinks he should be making sure his wife gets settled in LA, hard to have fun when you’re unsettled, he didn’t adjust his mood all day
  • Covino’s trip to the Magic Castle – exclusive place by invite only, everyone there is doing magic, amazed at the scene, had a great time
  • Covino’s dog sitting experience – helping out his new neighbor who constantly helps him out, they have a huge pitbull and new puppy, the owner said the pitbull might corner him, Covino had anxiety going over like he was walking to his execution
  • Draymond Green accidentally snapchats his penis – posted it to his story instead of privately, a lot of social media reaction, we extensively analyze his penis, Rich is amazed by the 2 different colors
  • Hot air balloon crash – huge tragedy where 16 people died in texas, Covino wants to play Up UP & Away and Rich gets upset
  • Spot with the News – hot air balloon crash, Melania Trump on the cover of the New York Post, Pokemon Go users upset, smiley face in a Hawaiian volcano, Trump bumping heads with John McCain and muslim military dad
  • Covino doesn’t want to watch The Conjuring, started watching it but didn’t want to be freaked out so he turned it off