Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-29-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 7/29/16

Show Topics

  • Showering in the morning – Covino is tired and cold in the morning, Rich insists it’s because he doesn’t shower in the morning but the night before, it’s not about being clean but waking up in the morning
  • Childhood toy trades – Covino once traded a tonka truck for a handheld Nintendo game, duped his friend, other awesome trades, baseball card trades
  • Person who moved away – when kids used to move away in school we never know what happened to them, finding them on social media, one of Rich’s friends pointed out one of his former classmates who ended up being super hot, the person may have just moved a town away but they ceased to exist
  • America’s Got Talent POA? – 14 year old girl who does stand up is getting more credit than the really talented people on the show, america’s viewpoint is skewed just because she’s a young girl, pussification of America?
  • Most popular song from the band Live? – we play Pain By the Riverside by Live coming out of the break, Covino said it was one of Lives more popular songs, Rich disagrees, leads into a big argument about what makes a song popular in the mainstream vs a good song
  • Best cartoon theme/afterschool shows
  • Zika Virus cases in florida – 4 cases discovered in Florida, first cases transmitted by mosquitos, halted blood donations
  • AGT Contestant from the Eagles – competing on AGT, training camp has begun but they’re letting him pursue this
  • Spot’s news – DNC wraps up, Trump fires back, police shooting in San Diego, ZIka Virus in Florida, Brandon Marshall vs Antonio Brown bet, Sesame street firings, Clippers looking for a new home, Windows 10 security
  • Foreplay… the Coldplay coverband