Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-26-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 7/26/16


Danny Trejo & Craig Moss

Show Topics

  • “Go To Town” – Rich hates the phrase, makes him cringe, encouraging people to go to town on something tonight

  • Keeping in touch with people – hitting someone up you haven’t talked to in a while, if the universe makes you think of them or something reminds you of them that’s the time you reach out, should avoid hitting up people you hooked up with or almost hooked up with, it’s inappropriate and can only lead to bad things, probably means you’re bored in your current life
  • Spot’s couch delivery debacle – finally picked out a couch he loved, got a call yesterday as the couch was being delivered and it wouldn’t fit, he wasn’t there to oversee the delivery and left it in the hands of his wife, feels like if he was there he would have solved the problem, his wife is living a “life of leisure” so they’re bumping heads a lot

Here’s Spot thinking his couch was arriving…

  • Stranger Things on Netflix – Rich swears by the show, gives it his approval, been watching the show with his wife and spot’s wife
  • Major C&R announcement – Spotcenter is returning next week, getting people hyped up for another hour of C&R, spot is less than thrilled because of the extra work involved that C&R don’t understand, positive feedback from the announcement
  • Danny Trejo & Craig Moss in studio – get to know the iconic actor, he’s been in so many roles throughout the years, Covino loves him from Blood In Blood Out, memorable moments from his career, his experience in prison, how he wouldn’t change a thing in his life, working with Craig Moss on his new film Social Security, describes the movie as Die Hard in a nursing home, play our new song “Boom Boom Boom” the Trejo Remix