Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-21-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/21/16


Nancy Cartwright – Voice of Bart Simpson on The Simpsons

Show Topics

  • Throwback Thursday – old school video game themes, our favorite games and notable themes, how we used to get games as kids, Rich used to mow lawns and rake leaves in the neighborhood to save up money

  • Republican National Convention – Ted Cruz not endorsing Trump at the convention, he was bold and we support him… for today, Trump mocked him and his family for months so he has the right not to endorse him, Republicans think it was a disgrace

  • Viral Videos – America’s Got Talent contestant Brian Justin Crum sings Radiohead’s Creep, wowed the judges and “capitvated the audience,” nailed the performance

  • Songs about Maria – Rich has the song My Maria by BW Stevenson stuck in his head, random songs you get caught in your head, realize there are a ton of songs about Maria, list confirms Mary and Maria have the most songs about them

  • Nancy Cartwright in studio – iconic voice of Bart Simpson on The Simpsons, getting involved in voiceover work, linking up with her mentor, skill involved in creating voices and transforming words on a page, keys to success

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  • Spot’s news – Trump speaks at tonight’s RNC, police shooting in Florida, Carpool Karaoke with Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott, new Tinder social app, Spot’s Brother is engaged