Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-19-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 7/19/16


Travis Kelce – TE, KC Chiefs, E! Show Chasing Kelce

Show Topics

  • Republican National Convention – buzzworthy moments from night one of the RNC, Rudy Guliani sounded like a professional wrestler, Scott Baio spoke but we never saw a highlight, Donald Trump walking out to We Are the Champions, biggest story was Melania Trump stealing part of Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008, clips comparing the speech side by side and even synced up words, 22 out of 25 words were the same, Rich thinks they were just sharing a general sentiment that everyone shares, people borrow from other speeches all the time

  • Tag The Sponsor – funny website that exploits Instagram models trying to get money and trips from rich guys, guy set up an account as a fake Saudi prince and offered girls money and free trips, he would screenshot the exchanges and post them, women were willing to do anything the guy asked, exposes the scene out there, touched on this yesterday with hot girls taking advantage
  • News alert  – Leslie Jones getting racial flack for her character in Ghostbusters, didn’t hear reviews either way about the movie, debuted at #2 this weekend behind the Secret Life of Pets, Jones should be enjoying the moment rather than dealing with internet hate
  • Spot’s news – RNC, Pokemon Go Plus, Making a Murderer new season, Temple of the Dog unheard music
  • Travis Kelce in studio – on a new reality show where 50 women compete to be with him, said there are a lot of hilarious moments on the show, he’s a tight end for the KC Chiefs, excited for the upcoming season, getting flack from fellow players about his show