Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-15-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 7/15/16


Danny McBride & Jody Hill – HBO’s Vice Principals

Show Topics

  • Pokemon Go is getting out of hand – Nintendo releasing new mini console, Pokemon Go is a Ninendo product, the game is sweeping the nation, C&R don’t get it, Spot and Rich’s wife are all about it, Covino thinks it’s lame and has better things to do with his time, is this just another hobby or is it dumb?
  • Trump’s running mate announced – Mike Pence
  • Terrorist attack in Nice France – seems like there’s something every week, horrible scene, truck drove through a crowd killing over 80 people and injuring over 200
  • Doc & Darryl ESPN 30 for 30 – watched the documentary last night, sad for Doc & Darryl, answered some questions even Mets and Yankees fans didn’t know, fantastic documentary to check out
  • Rich cut out of the Morning Mash Up throwback photo – feels like it defeats the purpose of a throwback photo, his hair made it in the photo

  • Danny McBride & Jody Hill in studio – new HBO show Vice Principals this Sunday, working together since they were in college, realizing when they made it big, favorite memories, loved Eastbound & Down, get paid for acting dumb
  • News Alerts – Wilder vs Arreola fight this weekend
  • Explaining weird google searches – looking up things for a joke or for work, realize it looks bad out of context
  • New Planters commercial slogan – Nutrition stars with a Nut, our immature brains immediately think something dirty, the average person doesn’t think that way
  • Friend in Need update and follow up – guy broke up with his girl, wants to know if it’s normal to listen to sad songs to force a cry, guys say not to wallow in the sadness, keeps you from moving on, the songs will pop up anyway