Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/7/16

Show Topics

  • Jon Bones Jones out of UFC 200 – pulled from the card for a potential doping violation, turned a highly anticipated event into a ok card, controversial fighter, excited for our UFC 200 Pool party this weekend at MGM Grand
  • Covino’s morning prank on Rich – hid his can of starbucks and then replaced it immediately after Rich couldn’t find it, being unable to see something that’s right in front of you
  • Police shootings in the news – another shooting in Minnesota, new video angle released of shooting in Baton Rouge, people are so quick to blame the victim saying they must have been resisting or doing something wrong, no cop wants to kill someone or draw their gun, people shouldn’t be killed in general, of lot of phone calls supporting both sides of the argument, how does the situation get fixed?
  • Fingermouthing – new social media trend, holding your fingers in front of your mouth in a selfie like someone just surprised you and is taking a photo, dumb internet trends we don’t understand, made popular by Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, we think the trend should be pawmouthing