Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 7/6/16


Eric Dane – The Last Ship

Show Topics

  • Sly Stallone’s 70th birthday – can’t believe he’s 70, aging action stars that still look great, Vanna White on recently and she still looks great – asked us what our 3 favorite guests are
  • Favorite TV Show/Movie/Song – based off Vanna White’s question, one of the hardest questions to answer when people put you on the spot, how do you narrow down these, attempt to list some of ours, answer might be easier for people who don’t have a huge pop culture scope like us
  • Favorite Toy – much easier question to answer, Covino loved He-Man toys, Transformers
  • MLB Fan Voting – giving the fans the right to pick might leave out a player with the stats, most of them get in the game anyway but it’s more about popularity than skill, the All-Star game is still important for home field advantage during the World Series
  • News Alerts – Gabrielle Union follows the Cavs on twitter, hint that her husband Dwayne Wade is looking at moving to Cleveland
  • News Alert – Nick Young almost blows off his hand on 4th of July, didn’t learn anything from JPP?
  • Sticking with the same stylist or barber – everyone has a guy, can’t understand the people that walk into a place and get the luck of the draw
  • Fergie’s new M.I.L.F $ video – she’s pandering to a certain crowd and including certain pop culture celebrities, is she forcing the relevance?, it’s still getting attention, people want more these days

  • ESPN Body issue – C&R find the photos unnecessary and awkward, our favorite players growing up would never show their butts, weird poses by people like Dwayne Wade and Jake Arrietta, how do they hide everything
  • Police Shooting in Baton Rouge – causing a controversy, not sure of the circumstances behind shooting the suspect, why do people carry guns, brings up serious issues
  • Eric Dane in studio – star of the Last Ship, used to play McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy, had small roles in some of our favorite shows growing up, one of his favorite movie scenes