Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-5-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 7/5/16

Show Topics

  • 4th of July Weekend Recap – eating like slobs, Rich was in Texas for the weekend, Spot back in LA finally with his wife, Covino’s gums are a wreck, felt like old school 80s with everyone hanging out on their lawns
  • Covino’s 4th of July close call – got asked to be the godfather of his nephew, was at a fireworks display with his dog and he was freaking out so he wanted to bring him home, his brother-in-law insisted he be the one to do it, gets a call from a neighbor that says he has the dog, his brother-in-law left the door open at the house and the dog got out, missed most of the fireworks but had a great holiday
  • Rich’s Texas life – might want to settle in Texas at some point, different way of life, getting more bang for your buck in the Texas area, never live like a baller in major cities like NY or LA
  • Rich’s run-in with American Airlines Customer service –  flying with his dog who’s classified as an emotional support dog, customer service agent was rude and talked down to him about the dog, she didn’t know why he needed the dog, people abusing the privilege of emotional support dogs, the issue is really with the customer service agent, Rich might take it as high as possible
  • Covino’s epiphany – Lil Sweet character from the Dr Pepper commercials is Justin Guarini from American Idol
  • Kevin Durant signs with the Golden State Warriors – big news over the weekend, leaving the thunder for a contract with the Warriors, fans are giving him a hard time, in the business world you would get praised for moving to another company for more money, sort of doing what Lebron did when he went to Miami, could have messed with the warriors by making them switch up their roster and then sticking with OKC