Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-8-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 6/8/16

Show Topics

  • The Bachelorette – Spot is so intrigued by this season, Covino accidentally got caught watching a few minutes while trying to watch the Bobby Brown 20/20 special, Spot loves seeing all the guys out alpha each other, one guy Chad is the villain this season, Covino thinks everything about the show is lame especially the fake dates, every guy has a sob story, Covino was never like that when he was dating
  • Bobby Brown Special – he broke down about Whitney and his daughter’s death, reminisce about when he was on our show with New Edition, makes us sad
  • Baseball Brawl – Manny Machado charges the mound and punches Ventura, a lot of fights happening this season, makes us feel like the baseball days of old
  • NBA Finals Game 3 tonight – hope that it gets a bit more exciting, the Cavs need to step it up or they’ll be out
  • Hillary Clinton in the news – her historic victory as the first female presidential candidate, getting a lot of flack for her expensive clothes while preaching about overspending, high profile political candidates should be wearing expensive clothing, should the president make a modest salary and worry about spending?
  • Stanford Rape Case – viral story regarding a rape at stanford, the victim released her letter to her attacker, the judge is getting criticized for a lenient sentence of 6 months, how are sentences determined and does the punishment always fit the crime, his father’s dumb comments about “Too steep for 20 minutes of action,” sadly a lot of rape cases never even make it this far, difference between prison and jail, get a first-hand account of being in prison from a listener
  • News Alert – Kevin Love out for game 3 of the NBA Finals