Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-7-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 6/7/16


Dave Coulier

Show Topics

  • TV/Netflix/Documentary suggestions – Covino saw the new Adam Sandler Netflix movie The Do Over, Luis Guzman shows his nuts, Twisted Sister documentary, Tom Petty documentary, realize how many hits Tom Petty has, Allen Iverson documentary – see how athletically talented he was
  • Kimbo Slice passes away – stealing the thunder from Muhammed Ali?, not even in the same league of attention even though they’re both in the fight game, he’ll always be remembered as a backyard brawler, in the UFC ring he was lackluster
  • Vacation activities – Rich loved doing all the events and activities on his recent cruise, Covino would rather just relax, pick and choose which things you do, Rich sounds like he wants to do everything, Covino hates interacting with people
  • Rich’s Cruise “fight” – about to start a ping pong tournament in the game area, old guy starts harassing the cruise employee for making them wait too long, Rich steps in to say something and defend the guy, almost came to blows
  • Spot’s apartment search – all last week was searching for a place for when his wife arrives, search all over and saw a wide array of places, ended up renting an apartment right up the block from Rich, it was the best option
  • Covino’s move out woes – his old landlord turned on him when he said he was moving, did a walkthrough of the apartment with a handy man, nitpicked everything and tried to nickel and dime him, was able to agree upon an amount and get out of there
  • Dave Coulier in studio – talks about his role on Full House, his decision to get into comedy, appearing on the tonight show, his new interactive book