Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 6/6/16

Show Topics

  • Vacation tales – back from vacation after a week off, Rich’s cruise experience with his family, wants to take longer vacations around the world but doesn’t want to miss too much of the show, will try to broadcast from all over the world wherever he is
  • Pathological liars – Covino encountered someone who told crazy stories but doesn’t believe them, eventually people are so passionate you start to think they are telling the truth
  • NBA Finals update – Cavs just can’t compete, highly anticipated games wind up being boring
  • Covino’s dark cloud – attempting to pick up a bookshelf and his truck broke down a bunch of times, does he bring these situations on himself or is it just coincidence
  • Covino’s car accident – was trying to bring extra items from his move to goodwill, he was wearing crocs at the time, made a left on a major road into the parking lot and got t-boned, not sure who was at fault since we’ve observed how Covino drives, left turns are dangerous
  • Muhammed Ali passes away – one of the top 3 biggest sports icons of all time, Florida Marlins broke the story on the scoreboard, every sports outlet paid tribute to him over the weekend, he was the king of rhyming and trash talking, to truly understand and appreciate the legacy you had to be around, draft dodging stigma
  • Rich’s observations from his cruise – his family likes to turn in early, his dad likes to eat dinner at 5:30, Rich is the lag boy of the family, Met a guy at the casino that cramped his style at the craps table, had a strategy that threw Rich off, he redeemed himself by making rich bet on 8 at the roulette table and winning, never discredit people
  • Covino hanging his mirror – his neighbor came over to help and messed up the situation, he kept damaging the walls and hung the mirror crooked, also hung his drapes wrong, Covino had to undo all the damage he did, if you want something done right do it yourself
  • Lesson of the day – learn what your healthy boundaries are with other people (thanks to Venus!)