Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-27-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 5/27/16

Show Topics

  • Rich’s worst joke ever… for real
  • Rich is in NY getting ready for his family cruise – biggest observation this time is the women, noticed how the women in NY are completely different, regional differences in women, dating a certain type of girl simply based on where you live, if you have trouble try moving to another area
  • SPORTS UPDATE: NBA Finals and NHL Finals heating up
  • Covino’s brother Tommy has a rotted toe, spot’s toe is still rotted, his woman complains about it, doing things to improve yourself for your women
  • Random friend in need – guy found out he has a 7 year old daughter, wants to know how to proceed with the situation
  • Rich is TransMexican – his new obsession is El Pollo Loco, he eats there twice a day sometimes, he’s starting to identify more as mexican, he’s losing his mind
  • It’s Friday! Yabbadabbadoo!  Happy Memorial Day – we’re off all next week with great specials planned for you.  Don’t miss them!  all are available OnDemand!