Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-25-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 5/25/16


Sugar Ray Leonard

Pablo Francisco

Show Topics

  • What’s that like? – a Mike Tyson quote from the show turns into a question on everything, it applies to any situation to keep the conversation going, questions get deeper and deeper. Here it is for your listening pleasure –
  • NBA Finals – Curry not performing like regular season, Thunder pummeling the Warriors

  • Being nice to people in life – Robert Herjavec on yesterday’s show, comes off as a nice guy, Rich would be happy making a modest living if it meant not stepping on people, Covino would rather be a millionaire who’s nice
  • Covino’s moving saga continues – using the offer up app, brings out the same riff raff as Craigslist, interaction with a guy who’s giving too much information and giving a horrible counter offer, wanted to trade a guitar or offer crematorium services, Covino always attracts the weirdos
  • Sugar Ray Leonard in studio – boxing legend discusses the new Roberto Duran biopic with Usher’s portrayal of him, fighting Mayweather Sr and if he could beat Mayweather jr, the possibility of Mayweather vs McGregor and how all that matters is people would pay to watch it, Hector Comacho passing away, his substance abuse and how he didn’t like who he became, boxing now vs when he was in his prime – contenders and workout regiment
  • OnDemand Interview special – using some of our lesser popular guests and turning it into an OnDemand exclusive show for our listeners to download, people are excited at the possibility
  • Political rallies – attract the stereotypical people based on the respective candidates, Trump rally in Albuquerque turns into a riot, news makes it out worse than it actually was according to a local
  • News Alerts/Viral Videos – Chewbacca Mask woman breaks the Facebook Live streaming record and it makes Covino hate America, LA hosting the 2021 Super Bowl

  • Pablo Francisco in studio being his usual crazy self, origin behind some of his impressions