Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-24-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/24/16


Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

Show Topics

  • Covino left out of the Octane “crew” – photos from Rock on the Range that SiriusXM posted, Covino is doing his own thing
  • Rich’s interaction with Don Newcombe – he lives in Rich’s building and he saw him on the elevator, Rich was looking up baseball scores and Don introduced himself and said he played with Jackie Robinson, big legend in Dodgers baseball and baseball in general, wants to watch a baseball game with him
  • Covino’s doody time tale – in the process of moving, he was home alone at his new house and “christened the throne” in his new bathroom, afterwards he realized there was no toilet paper anywhere in the house, ended up using cotton balls, typical Covino situation
  • Spot gets into the bachelorette – watched it last night with Rich and Sara, Rich is rubbing off on Spot, Spot likes the bachelor better than the bachelorette because he likes seeing all the guys try to out alpha each other, he also likes seeing handsome guys struggle and fail with women
  • Covino selling things on a new app – called Offer Up, post a photo and people in the area can see it, much easier than Craigslist, other apps to try out
  • Sports Updates – Draymond Green not suspended for kicking Adams in the nuts, Mayweather says he’d fight McGregor for $100 million
  • Friend in need – girl calls in and her friend just got dumped by a guy 2 years younger, needed words of encouragement but also wanted to know why the guy ditched her
  • Robert Herjavec in studio – from ABC’s Shark Tank, promoting his new book about creating your own success, being a nice guy in business, interacting with the other sharks, how he’s succeeded