Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-23-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 5/23/16


Kelly Rowland (first air)

Show Topics

  • Mainstream morning shows – we realized we couldn’t do a straight morning show as we’re too goofy, certain jobs beat the personality out of people, we always go for the joke
  • Weekend recap – rich was unimpressed with everything this weekend, Game of Thrones and Fear the Walking Dead were weak, NBA conference finals were weak, helping Covino move on Friday – doing way more than he originally asked, Spot’s beefy man leverage makes him great at moving heavy objects


  • Today’s parental roles – 3 of us picked up Covino’s daughter at school on Friday while moving, noticed that there were more dads than moms picking kids up, does anyone have conventional jobs, adjusting your schedule to pick up kids or be home after school, sharing the responsibilities between mom and dad, more dads take on a bigger role
  • Viral Videos – Farewell Mr Bunting from SNL getting a lot of buzz for the shock value, nose twerking is the new rage – drawing a girl twerking and using your nose as the butt


  • Covino’s “bad luck” – borrowed a van from his neighbor and it broke down while he was moving, turns out it was just a prank, his wife was snapchatting the experience with the police, double standard of filming the situation as Covino would have gotten in trouble, Covino becoming superpals with his new neighbor
  • Billboard Music Awards recap – Spot watched the awards and gave a brief summary, Britney Spears looked good, The Weekend, Adele and Justin Bieber won everything, Madonna’s weak tribute to Prince, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani performing together, Celine Dion made spot cry
  • Rich gets offended by porn – certain type of porn where someone behind the camera degrades the girl, Rich finds it unnecessary, nothing usually phases him
  • Kelly Rowland interview – choosing a new girl group on her show Chasing Destiny, her wow moments performing solo and as part of Destiny’s Child, her first musical influences like Whitney Houston, loves harmonizing in the car and the shower, selling almost 30 million albums solo is a proud achievement for her, the girls perform in studio

  • Wedding this weekend – guys attended TSS Taylor’s wedding, had a great time, big fans of cocktail hour, Rich was buzzed and didn’t realize it, Spot is the star of the dance circle and the guys envy him for being able to do that