Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-20-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 5/20/16

Show Topics

  • Viral Video – Christina Aguilera performing with a  hologram Whitney Houston for the Voice, Whitney Houston estate put a stop to the live performance, wanted perfection for Whitney, looked great on the video

  • Shoelaces – Will we ever run out of things to talk about? Covino says never, talks about teaching his daughter to ride a bike and tie her shoelaces, she’s never had shoes with laces, skill she definitely needs, we all still say the rhyme when we tie our shoes
  • Hypothetical – would you sacrifice seeing your friend naked if it meant watching his hot girl have sex?, depends on the friend, a lot of people share their stories, a lot of deviants out there, alters your perception of that friend, Rich had a friend in college show him a video and they don’t talk anymore, Mark in Colorado says it’s the “hot wife” scenario in the swinging community
  • Sports updates – NBA, MLB, NHL updates
  • Viral video – college girl’s 9/11 video goes viral with never before seen footage, Rich got caught in a 9/11 YouTube wormhole, tons of conspiracy videos out there, other things that suck us into a YouTube wormhole like plane crashes