Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-18-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 5/18/16

Show Topics

  • Business relationships – rehash conversation from the end of yesterday’s show, Rich’s relationship with bosses, likes to text and call bosses, Covino feels like he’s left out and that Rich isn’t following professional protocol, Rich likes to be friendly and build friendships, Covino is all business, mixed feedback about who people side with
  • Who would you rather – Goldie Hawn in her prime or Kate Hudson?
  • NBA Playoffs – last night was boring
  • Covino’s adventure at Guitar Center – traded in 2 guitars and an amp, realized how much he loves a place like guitar center, same feeling of going into a sporting goods store
  • Covino’s positive Karma – in the process of moving and met his new neighbors, had to move his bedroom set but his brother-in-law’s truck broke down, after just meeting his new neighbors they offered Covino use of their truck, some people are more generous and kind than others
  • Porn Storyline ranking – released a ranking of the most searched storylines in porn, take suggestions and guess of people’s favorite, go over the list and take feedback, number 1 was delivery plotlines
  • News Alerts/TV Recap – Rich watched a new show Coupled on FOX (worse than the bachelor), Megyn Kelly interviews Donald Trump and we learn nothing, Robert Shapiro revealed new details from the OJ case, main character left Spot’s favorite show NCIS, Rage Against the Machine possibly releasing a new album after posting a countdown site – music world is abuzz