Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-17-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/17/16

Show Topics

  • NBA Playoffs – best storyline for the finals is Cleveland vs OKC, Curry’s age is misleading, ages of Lebron, Westbrook, Durant, and Curry
  • Seventies Documentary on CNN – television landscape, we’re the “inbetweener” generation where we grew up without tech but understand the new technology, racism and sexism on TV in the 70s, sex and violence were taboo but now words have become taboo, Morticia Addams vs Lily Munster
  • People are mutants – Covino’s observation about people renting the house after him, wonders how people are able to afford his house, people are sketchy in LA, no one has a committed career, not amazed that Covino is the guy they chose to rent his house
  • Viral Videos – guy pranks his friend by packing dildos in their suitcase, Sexy weather girl asked to cover up on KTLA


  • Spot update – planning his official move to LA with his wife, looking at places to live, hates the real estate market
  • Rich’s jeans are stale – noticed his jeans smelled this morning, Covino thinks it’s disgusting, he never sniff tests his jeans to see if they’re ok, we sniff covino’s jeans live on air and he passes the test

  • Rich’s relationship with bosses and coworkers – Covino thinks he’s a bit unprofessional by texting and calling bosses, Rich likes to build relationships, blurring lines between the 2 confuses professionalism