Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-16-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 5/16/16

Show Topics

  • Weekend recap – Game of Thrones was great, showed some nudity, Rich watched a CNN special about 60s television, Covino got the keys to his new place and started moving in
  • Dressing like a slob at work – the guys debate who was the laziest dresser today, when we don’t interact with people it’s easy to get stuck in a bad routine, dressing how you feel or want to feel
  • Bautista vs Odor brawl – fight at the Blue Jays vs Rangers, bautista slid into Odor, new slide rule causes the fight, benches cleared, didn’t look that bad, if it happened a year ago it would have been a standard slide


  • Rich’s super infection – found out over the weekend he had the flu and pneumonia, had fluid in his lungs, rich is a baby when he’s sick, constant feeling of FOMO keeps him from resting,
  • Rich’s real estate analogy – guys settling for the mediocre girl when they really want the hot chick, looking for houses and can only afford the mediocre houses, he’s putting his house hunt on hold, Covino thinks the people dating mediocre girls care about other qualities, good character, Covino’s analogy – “well liquor brings top shelf women”
  • Covino’s voiceover audition – embarrassing read, didn’t understand anything that he was reading, it was for a drug that he couldn’t even pronounce, left the audition in shame, Rich’s “hot body” embarrassing story, masseuse said he had a hot body meaning the temperature because he was sick
  • Snapchat filters – face swap as different ethnicities, only a matter of time before someone takes offense in a PC world, Covino has a lot of fun with it but is worried to go too crazy
  • Putting too much on social media – someone posted a controversial Facebook post and people were leaving personal comments, hiding behind your computer