Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-12-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 5/12/16


Julian McMahon (SyFy’s Hunters)

Show Topics

  • Craigslist ads – people are super flaky, Covino posted items for sale since he’s moving, people trying to scam you, shady people saying they don’t have money or cashiers checks, people wanting to trade, free stuff available on craigslist, Covino found a ton of hot tubs for free because people don’t want to pay for them
  • Being polite vs being honest – trying to balance between the w
  • Inappropriate guys at the gym – Covino airs his grievances about guys he’s seen at the gym, guy was trimming his body hair by the pool, guy was “donald ducking” in the locker room wearing a shirt with no underwear, guy was blowdrying his entire body, Rich hates the people who don’t shower for a day or so and wreak at the gym, Covino avoids the steam room because of all the naked guys
  • Songs from movies – throwback thursday topic, “You’re the Best Around” was originally written for Rocky 3 but ended up in Karate Kid, lyrics mimic the plotline of Rocky 3, they went with Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger instead, worked much better

  • People thinking they’re experts by watching TV – Rich’s wife has been watching a lot of home improvment shows like Flip or Flop, she thinks they can buy a fixer upper and fix it up easily, TV shows like this make things seem much easier
  • Real Estate – fixing up homes, a lot harder than you think, takes a lot of time and effort, buying a fixer upper house vs spending more money on a put together house, Rich is looking at houses so he’s torn, Julian McMahon jumps in on the conversation
  • Julian McMahon in studio – new show Hunters on SyFy, getting recognized on the street and acknowledging people, fixing up homes and living where you want to live, playing Rugby and rowing as a kid, proud of being the sexiest man alive