Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-9-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 5/9/16

Show Topics

  • Weekend Recap – Covino’s long to-do list of things, moving soon, has to do a lot of things and that’s all that’s on his mind right now, Rich flew in from NY and finally back to normal, realized that LA is officially his home and NY is the ex-girlfriend he can move on from
  • FALCon 2016 – Rich and Spot attended Morning Men’s FALCon 2016 in NYC, fun to meet some of the crossover listeners, saw the full support of the staff for the event, everyone came out to support, getting excited for our DBC event next month
  • Canelo vs Khan recap – Khan knocked out by Canelo, getting excited for a potential fight between Canelo and Triple G, would definitely be the biggest fight in a while, Covino not sure who he would root for, loves both fighters, also talks of a potential fight between Conor McGregor and Mayweather that’s getting a lot of buzz
  • Bartolo Colon’s first home run – exciting call for his first home run, funny to watch him trot around the bases, social media erupted over this, Covino thinks he looks like a slug


  • Trump and Clinton – Trump fires at Hillary blaming her for her husband’s affair, should this even be a topic of conversation almost 20 years later, does it speak to her ability to run the country, both candidates have changed so much, “straight outta options”
  • Rich’s real estate questions – been living in LA for a year but might want to buy a place since he plans on staying for a while, thought he might continue to rent, getting to know neighborhoods when you’re not from the area, asking people that live there how they like it, observing the neighborhood during the day and at night, looking online for demographics
  • News Alerts & Viral Videos – girl tried to eat corn on the cob with a drill lost her hair, kid waking up from anesthesia