Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-3-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/3/16

Show Topics

  • Covino’s getting soft – realized he hates his morning routine in NY, first time he’s been back since Mets playoffs in October, the weather and the commute are miserable to him, spot hates people in his way, throws off his day
  • Viral story – Mesa AZ high school student shows his junk in a football team photo, it wound up in the yearbook, he got caught and is facing 69 counts of indecent exposure which is a class 1 misdemeanor, punishment should fit the crime, it was all on a dare and all in good fun, people in the community are supporting him, all of us probably would have done the same thing, don’t understand the culture of guys showing each other their junk
  • Freestyle rapping observation – during our studio switch someone was freestyle rapping on sway, Covino thinks the term freestyle is abused because it’s probably rehearsed, fascinated by rhyming, were the rappers just big into nursery rhymes as kids and took it to the next level?, funny bit of rapping nursery rhymes
  • Augmented reality book – Covino got a book for his daughter that coincides with an app and makes the book come to life, Covino learned just as much from the book as his daughter
  • Rich’s photo shoot this weekend – he was dressed like a fireman, the company spared no expense and rented a legit uniform, Rich realized how hard it must be for real fireman to lug around the gear and fight fire at the same time, also had to climb a mountain, same fields that you see in prescription drug commercials
  • Asking about people’s finances – person Rich was doing the photo shoot with kept asking the other actors how much they were getting paid for the gig, rich felt obligated to say how much, Covino says he should have told her to beat it, rude of her to ask, asking people how much they pay for things
  • NBA Playoffs update
  • Covino’s observation – people catering to celebrities, noticed people around SXM unnecessarily laughing at celebrities doing dumb things, we’re also guilty of doing this with guests, why the pressure to play it up when they’re just people