Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-2-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 5/2/16


Eddie George

Show Topics

  • Rich is out sick – first sick day (he claims) since working at SiriusXM, could barely get out of bed this morning, Covino and Spot are both in NY and holding down the fort, might play some old interviews we recorded but never aired, why do interviews if we don’t play them back
  • Eddie George in studio – transition from NFL to Broadway, always had an acting bug but took lessons when he wanted to get into it, being responsible as a player, younger generation is more interested in being a celebrity
  • Covino’s sister’s wedding – he had to do a reading and was super anxious, practiced non-stop leading up to the event, ended up nailing it but hated the somber vibe, wanted people to applaud or congratulate him for validation, no one cares about the readings at a wedding, the priest stole his thunder, overall the wedding weekend was great, getting family together is always cause for celebration
  • Mystery shirt holes – Covino noticed mini holes on his shirt around his belly, thought he had moths, thinks the mystery is that his shirt gets caught between his stomach and belt and causes tiny tears, could be caused by the seatbelt in the car, feedback is that it happens to a lot of guys