Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-27-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 4/27/16


Steve Schirripa

Show Topics

  • Covino in NY – observations since he hasn’t been back in a while, noticing new things around town and the office, adjusting to NY, feels like it’s a different place than he left
  • Election Updates – Trump won all 5 states, Hillary won 4 of 5, still several months to go until the actual election, if Trump adjusted his attitude in the next few months he’d definitely edge out the other candidates
  • Beyonce’s Lemonade – special visual album aired over the weekend, controversy over some of her references in the special, calls out Jay-Z for cheating, setting an example by forgiving him in the song, possibly calling out Rachel Roy as “becky with the good hair”
  • Rich’s improv class – he may want to quit, he’s not enjoying it as much as he thought he would and doesn’t want to continue spending the money, Spot thinks it’s because he’s not the best in the class, he also doesn’t fit in with the other struggling artists since he has a successful career, a lot of feedback
  • Steve Schirripa in studio – talks about his time on the Sopranos, he is who he is, actors who are convincing and think they have to always be acting in real life, memories on set and treating it like a job, his new sauce is some of the best out there