Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-26-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 4/26/16


98 Degrees

Show Topics

  • Spot’s appearance on Cupcake Wars – his episode aired last night, he partnered up with Maria Menounos, she had never made a cupcake and she made his dreams of being on the Food Network come true, they came in 2nd place, the fix may have been in, Maria was a trash talker, behind the velvet rope of the show, Spot’s wasabi cupcake may have been his downfall but they loved the other 3, intense experience for spot.

  • LA Rams Draft Party – special broadcast this Thursday, speculate who they’ll pick in the draft
  • News Alerts – Donald Trump says leave Tom Brady alone in a speech

  • Woman beats up 12 year old playing street hockey with his own stick – happened on Staten Island, probably justified, leads into next conversation…
  • Parents embarrassing you – being out with your parents in front of friends and having them say or do something, Rich’s dad in elementary school had his pants fall down at an event, going to the local carnival or fair with your parents when a girl was with her friends, trying to look cool in front of the hot girl
  • Update on Spot – moving date for his wife, struggle of finding a place, debate over how much money to spend
  • Rich’s major revelation – realized he’s “musically gay”, the way he feels about aggressive rock music is the same way a gay guy must feel about how straight men look at women, rolls his eyes at certain types of music, different musical tastes
  • Viral Video – Guy brings his autistic son to a Coldplay concert and tears ensue… including your own

  • 98 Degrees in studio – going on a new tour with O Town, Dream, Ryan Cabrera, might be doing new music, how their women feel about the attention they get, mindset going on the road