Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-25-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 4/25/16


Pia Toscano

Show Topics

  • Don’t forget to watch Spot on Cupcake Wars alongside Maria Menounos! Tonight at 9pm ET on Food Network
  • Special Thursday night broadcast – Rich will be joining Patrick from Mad Dog Radio for a special broadcast centered around the LA Rams and the NFL Draft, takes place at LA live this Thursday 4-8p PT, airs on SiriusXM RUSH 93 and Mad Dog Radio channel 82
  • Covino cuts the cord – cancelled his Dish subscription and now has streaming TV through Amazon Fire TV, uses Sling TV to get certain networks and has HBO, went from paying 200/month to 30/month, more and more people are moving this direction as cable bills get higher, getting streams of movies and shows, curious how long this will last, other methods of watching programming
  • News Alerts – Ted Cruz and John Kasich team up to beat Trump, Hillary Clinton using the same plane as Dan Bilzerian, Talia Shire’s 70th Birthday
  • Triple G fight – fought Dominic Wade over the weekend, knocked him out in the 2nd round, it was no contest, he’s such a personality and a character, lets his opponent get in some punches and then comes back to dominate, 22nd consecutive knockout, he’s now 35-0


  • Parents Just Don’t understand – Rich’s dad is in town, went to dinner with him and the group last night, they often get on each other’s nerves because they like to do things a certain way, Rich gets annoyed that his dad still checks out of hotels, also gets annoyed that he doesn’t appreciate an expensive restaurant, our parents generation doesn’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on elaborate dinners, went to a fancy seafood restaurant in San Diego but had a better time at PF Changs
  • Pia Toscano in studio – talks about her days on American Idol, some behind the velvet rope stories, keeping in touch with judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, making an impact with her new music in an oversaturated market