Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-22-16

Covino & Rich – Friday, 4/22/16

Show Topics

  • Best Candy bars – Covino loves meal replacement bars, thinks they’re better than skipping a meal, sparks the conversation about best candy bars, last time we bought a full-sized candy bar, Rich loves Kit Kats, Covino loves Dark Chocolate Milky Way bars, Spot loves Twix
  • Prince passes away – Legendary musician passed away right after yesterday’s show at age 57, sparks a big debate amongst Covino Rich and Spot, Rich tweeted that he would be remembered for his Super Bowl halftime show and for Chappelle’s Show, Covino and Spot thinks it’s insulting to his legacy to put that in the same breath as his music, Rich argues today’s generation only knows the recent stuff as he hasn’t had a big hit in 22 years, he did more for the music community and was a good performer, agree to disagree though Rich feels defeated
  • NBA Playoffs are awful – nothing exciting going on, Rich doesn’t get into it until the final few games
  • Boner Busters – listener hits us up saying he was going to hook up with a  girl but she was styled like a grandma, other things that turn you off about a women, random stubble, misplaced tattoos, bad style choices
  • Weekend Preview – Game of Thrones season premiere on Sunday, Fear the Walking Dead, Triple G fights Dominc Wade this weekend in LA – if he loses it’ll ruin a good boxing storylines


  • Viral Video – Time traveler at Tyson fight in the 90s, looks like they have a smartphone in their hand, other random time traveler stories

  • Rich’s Dad is in town – wants to be entertained more than he mentioned, shared a story about a guy he encountered on vacation, he was known as “The Cock”, wore a tiny speedo just big enough to hold his package, had a reputation and nickname around the resort, everyone was talking about him, adult resort activities
  • Congrats to DrewMac on the NAPA tweet of the day