Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-21-16

Covino & Rich – Thursday, 4/21/16

Show Topics

  • It’s a Throwback Thursday!

  • Covino thinks he’s the gauge of cool – conversation sparked over Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Covino & Rich have different opinions of what’s cool, Covino was raised by The Fonz, Uncle Jesse and Danny Zucco, times have changed
  • Michael Strahan leaving Live with Kelly & Michael – offered “life-changing” money to move to Good Morning America, speculate how much money that actually is, ideal perks with a new baller job
  • Conor McGregor releases a statement – speculation over his retirement, releases statement blasting UFC, says he’s not retired but focusing on himself over the promotion

  • Rich’s sidewalk mattress strife – someone in his neighborhood threw out a mattress and it’s sitting on the sidewalk, doesn’t want to touch it but it’s an eye sore, his dad is in town so he’s hyper aware of his surroundings
  • Throwback Thursday – after school cartoons, newer cartoons, Covino was into He-man, Rich was into Ducktales, Spot loved later stuff like Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs now available on Netflix

  • People getting easily offended – Bob Marley Snapchat filter on 4/20, people are saying it was essentially blackface, just a fun filter to play with but people are too sensitive
  • Curt Schilling fired for meme regarding transgender bathroom laws – inappropriate? Leads to discussion about transgender bathroom use, women want to feel secure, guys don’t care who uses the bathroom, polarizing topic, parents may feel unsafe if their daughters are using the bathroom with men, creates a legal loophole for creeps