Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-20-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 4/20/16

Show Topics

·         Covino & Rich Listeners aka CARLS – Covino’s realization that our listeners are really into the show and support us but people close to him don’t even care that he’s on the radio, people might be too close to the situation to appreciate it, applies to all careers

·         Conor McGregor announces early retirement on Twitter – what does it mean, possible dispute with UFC, maybe he’s just looking for attention

·         Rich associates certain music with WWE themes over their real intention – Pomp & Circumstance to Macho Man and 2001: A Space Odyssey theme to Ric Flair, makes him look dumb

·         Spot’s Major announcement – appearing on cupcake wars with Maria Menounos this Monday, he’s “cupcake boy”, how did he get this reputation, big deal for Spot and the show

·         Viral videos – black guy beats up racist on a Chicago train, samurai attacks rude guy on Japanese train, drunk woman ranting about the McRib at McDonalds

·         Booty O’s – what are they? Gimmick from the WWE tag team New Day, hilarious bit

·         Viral Clip – sassy shark jumps out of the ocean

·         Shark Tank – Rich saw an episode where a guy was pitching a wine preservation device, the sharks offered to buy him out, he hesitated and they immediately lowered the buyout by $200k and he still took the deal