Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-15-16

Show Topics

  • Your Weekend Routine – we love our jobs but look forward to sleeping in on the weekend, routine as a kid vs an adult, different for Covino since he has a kid, disturbing your parents when you were a kid
  • Rich apologizes to Spot (and it’s a big deal) – he got a Nespresso machine and loves it, threw one out when he moved a couple of years ago, it was a gift from Padma Lakshmi, Spot always wanted one, now he uses it daily after our old intern sent us one
  • Covino’s daughter’s talent show – she was excited to be a part of the talent show, performed My Favorite Things and barely messed up, Covino was anxious the whole time and almost fainted
  • Jungle Book out this weekend – looks more adult than the cartoon, debating whether we’ll see it
  • Truck Nuts – saw them on the way to work this morning, certain type of person rocks truck nuts, we don’t get them, whats the point?
  • Woman on snapchat getting buzz – snapchatted her reaction to getting her butt eaten by a guy, kicks him out because she’s less than impressed, Rich’s observations… rise in the world of ass eating, very assertive women in the bedroom, and the blurred line between what should be public and private, women claim empowerment but it can be a bad influence, rehashes the topic of slut shaming. See the video here (NSFW)
  • Jerry Buting – Steven avery’s lawyer, big topic of the Netflix series Making a Murderer, go over facts from the case and things left out, new developments, how it affected his career and practice
  • News Alerts – Ape runs loose in Japan and has to be tranquilized – See it here
  • Aaron Rodgers pregame ritual – admitted he sometimes cranks one out, Covino thinks this is private information that the face of a franchise shouldn’t share, Rich thinks Covino is a prude… good to know these things
  • Nerlens Noel and Johnny Manziel are known for being nightmares to room with – Covino’s news Nerlens Noel song
  • NFL Full schedule released – kicks off Thursday Sept 8th, it’s a Super Bowl rematch with the Panthers at the Broncos, how the schedule is made