Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-14-16


Tom Papa

Show Topics

  • Kobe Bryant’s last game – scored 60 points, magical performance and one of the most magical last games in sports, better than Jeter’s last game, Spot’s theory that it was a setup to make it one of the most amazing nights, he said “Mamba Out” – biting off of Seacrest?, Golden State Warriors breaking the Bulls record gets overshadowed
  • Throwback Thursday – Rich saw Nicole Eggert on botched, used to be his favorite childhood celebrity crush, other girls who were our celebrity crush growing up
  • Tom Papa in studio – talks about being comfortable on stage, younger comics not knowing everyone in comedy, his new “glasses” look
  • Ariana Grande’s new song – talks about how she wants a man to make her feel dangerous but safe at once, unrealistic expectations we have for women
  • Covino’s daughter is in a talent show tonight – getting anxiety over it, hope she does well
  • LA Rams secure the first pick in the NFL draft from the Titans – reasoning in securing the spot, speculate who they’ll go for