Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-13-16


Kelly AuCoin (Showtime’s Billlions)

Show Topics

  • Kobe Bryant’s last game tonight – had a long career, as long as Jeter, if you’re a Yankees and Lakers fan it’s been a rough couple of years, he’s around our age so this it what it would be like if we stuck with sports, athletes in their prime that dominate season after season and eventually lose their touch – what causes it?
  • News Alerts – Coachella this weekend, Who will Negan kill on Walking Dead
  • JJ Watt & Kate Hudson possibly dating – are they really together or just hanging out, assume every guy thinks with their penis and wants to hook up or are we the only people who think that way
  • Remembering the last time you did something – savoring the moment, last time hooking with a girl
  • Kelly AuCoin in studio – plays “Dollar Bill” on Showtime’s Billions, also appearing on FX’s The Americans and Netflix’s House of Cards, dealing with a lot going on, interacting with other characters on the show, greatest scene on TV in recent years, appreciating actors who are classically trained, playing sports and acting as a kid, always wanting to be involved in acting, his dad was involved in politics but didn’t want to go that route